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BALM FOR THE FOUNDATION, BFBF, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Nigeria Cooperate Affairs Commission with registration number: CAC/IT/NO 98794. It focuses on Drug Demand Reduction and Mental Health in Africa, the problems of stigmatization and humiliation especially as it relates to widows, women, youths, and children.


The Foundation, BFBF, seeks to Identify, Treat and Rehabilitate persons with problematic Substance Use Disorder or drug dependency including other mental health challenges and cater to the stigmatized members of the society like those living with HIV, victims of rape and drug abuse, widows, the childless women, etc. We offer counseling and individual care to these classes of people as well as integrate into the society on recovery to promote overall mental well-being and building peace and justice strong institutions.


BALM FOR THE BRUISED FOUNDATION hopes to achieve this goal of reintegrating these classes of citizens through training in various skills and other empowerment programs. The foundation was first launched on 27th September 2017 and has held several programs to educate women, students, and parents on the dangers of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, violence, and corruption including employing Media Based Prevention Strategies to reduce these anomalies.


The Foundation was born owing to the dire need to help alleviate increasing cases of mental ailments which have left our streets dotted with persons with Mental Disorders occasioned by Substance abuse. As well as bring to the fore, facts about drugs to correct misconceptions surrounding drug abuse crime/violence, and corruption.


BFBF is disposed to bridging the gap in a world already battling with severe economic crisis orchestrated by emerging health emergencies leading to psychological stress, depression, anxiety, drug use, domestic violence, kidnapping for ransom, banditry, rape, robbery, corruption among other antisocial behaviors.


BALM FOR THE BRUISED FOUNDATION is dominated by psychologists and social workers who are gender-sensitive and have respect for the confidentiality of patients.


  • Our offices are at: Suite 2 Ajide Plaza Umuobi Awkuzu Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, and Plot 1620A Maitama Sule Street, Abuja FCT

You can also reach us via email address: balmforthebruised@gmail.com or phone number: +234 8120876918.


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