1. Promote good health and well-being using Evidence-Based Drug Prevention Strategies to pursue improvement on the quality of life to ensure the overall mental health of the citizenry.


2. Seek partnership with governments, religious and corporate organizations as well as spirited individuals for the treatment of SUDs, and mentally ill persons since their ailments affect productivity, which in turn, affects the livelihood of their dependents.


3. To protect the mentally challenged against unfair treatment, stigmatization, sexual abuse, domestic violence, psychological and physical abuse, discrimination, victimization, or dehumanization.


4. To lead sensitization against Substance Use in the communities, workplaces, schools, and worship centers utilizing various sensitization channels such as social/traditional media, social clubs/associations, students’ associations, traditional institutions, religious organizations, and other Civil Society groups.


5. To empower the less privileged in the society especially women who are often at the receiving end of Gender and Domestic Violence with skills to lift them from poverty, improve their self-confidence that will lead to attitudinal change to reduce substance abuse and development of mental illnesses.


6. To educate women and girls about the blue economy and dangers of climate change on their livelihood.


7.  To occasionally carry out research activities to uncover problems of drug use, abuse, and trafficking; their correlation to crime, corruption, and violence in the society to proffer possible solutions.