Our People


Governance and management of Balm for the Bruised Foundation

The foundation is governed by a board of Balm for the Bruised Foundation

The Board comprises up to 10 members who together oversee the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the organization and manages the Executive Team, which provides high-level advice to the CEO on key strategic and operational matters.


Board of Balm for the Bruised Foundation

The members of the Board are the key policy-makers of the foundation.

The role of the Board is to govern the activities of Balm for the Bruised Foundation and in so doing, works to ensure that we act following the Rules and Regulations of the Foundation, to achieve the foundation’s Aims and Objectives as well as its mission and vision.

Our Board and Members are volunteers who receive no payment for their services, other than reimbursement for reasonable travel and other expenses incurred through their work for BFBF.

Ensuring good governance is in place is another key responsibility of the Board. This includes overseeing mechanisms to comply with legal requirements and regulations while keeping safe the financial viability of BFBF. The Board monitors and periodically evaluates its performance and strives to always have a skilled and diverse membership in place. It also establishes and implements a recognition process that acknowledges the efforts of all members.

The Board meets once a year at the Annual General Meeting, and here is where they receive or render reports, financial statements and elect or appoint new Board Members.

The Board is made up of the President and 10 voting members, and one of them must be a youth.